Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Part Series: How To Live on Less ~ Introduction

Beginning Today, we are going to be starting a new series here at CraziCoupons. This will be a 10-Part Series titled “How To Live On Less”.
Before I started CraziCoupons, we did our best to make ends meet, after the birth of our 3rd child this became difficult.  My work did not offer maternity leave, and it seemed it would be forever before we would catch up again.  I became as frugal as I knew how to be.  I began following Dave Ramsey (a topic we will later get into). We had to cut our spending – and fast!
We weren’t extravagant with our spending by any means, but as we really delved into our budget, we were amazed at what we found.
This series comes directly from what we learned and what we did to make it work and are still working at becoming debt free.
This 10-Part Series will include topics concerning clothing, vacations, stockpiling, home expenses, groceries and non-essentials, coupons, frugal meals and much more.
Whether you find yourself in a similar situation as we are in, or are facing unemployment or just want to shave some off your budget – we believe you will benefit from this series.
Stay tuned as we walk with you on this journey of saving.
Feel free to leave comments on things that have worked for you or any questions you may have for us. Your input is more than welcome!

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