Saturday, April 9, 2011

31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget: Tip #29

When I first moved to with Bobby, I was so elated to find an amazing Produce stand right down the road from us. They honestly have the best sweet corn I’ve ever had! And their prices on vegetables were a decent! I am always sad when I see them close up shop for the winter. I enjoy the incredibly fresh veggies all summer/fall. (It really makes it hard to go back to store-bought!) They also have little baskets of discounted veggies that may have the smallest bruise on them that are just fine if you use them right away.
Also, several towns have what they call Farmer’s Markets. Some are weekly. Some monthly. But it’s just a gathering of all sorts of people selling things from produce to Tupperware to fresh flowers to PIE! I’ve heard that the best times to visit these are right before closing as they are sometimes willing to mark things down more so they don’t have to transport them back again. (Though, you take a risk of only being able to buy what’s leftover.)
By taking advantage of Farmstands and Farmer’s Markets you not only get fresher food and are supporting local farmers, but you can also save on your grocery budget.

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