Thursday, February 24, 2011

How To Plan A Drug Store Trip

notepad 300x295 How To Plan A Drug Store Trip

Many of you have asked the question, “How do you plan out your drug store trips?”.
The first thing I do is go over the ad – both the paper ad and the match-ups posted on the site. I have found that our local ad has some differences from other areas so I always want to be sure the same sale is here.
I generally pin point the items that will give me either a Register Reward, Extra Care Buck or +UP.  I have a sense of what coupons are available because I do this all day long.
So, I focus on the deals that I know I can couple with a coupon. From there, I take out pen and paper and write out what the deal is, how many rewards I will get back, what coupons I have and how much I will pay out of pocket. I like to know how much will be out of pocket because then I can arrange for doing multiple transactions easier to limit my total out of pocket.
Next, I play around with the scenarios a little to lower my out of pocket. (You can lower your out of pocket by using the rewards gained from one transaction and using them like cash on your second transaction and so on.) Check and see if I buy A and B, then buy C  and D – would that be better than buying A and D and then buying B and C.
Then, I head out to the store. Once you are at the store, your carefully planned masterpiece can either go extremely smooth or be totally foiled – but don’t freak out! There are many times where I realize once I get to the store that I totally didn’t see that the coupon was only for a specific size (usually not included in the sale…lol). Or even expired! No problem, you just have to call an audible (football terms for change of plans).
Remember, you don’t have to get every deal that is out there. Just do your best and what is best for your family.
Also, please remember that it is extremely important for you to stay within your family’s budget. Even if it is a great deal, if you don’t have room in your budget – don’t do the deal. Sticking to your budget should be Priority One.
How do you plan out your trips? Do you just head out and wish for the best (ok – I admit I have done this before…lol)?

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