Sunday, March 6, 2011

31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget: Tip #6

Tip #6 – Never Shop Hungry–And Leave The Kids At Home
Couldn’t you just buy up the whole store when you shop BEFORE a meal? Everything always looks so good when you are starving! :)
Yes, this long-old advice really is true! But, I am the first to admit, it’s easier said than done! And here’s a big reason why. We tend to make long shopping trips and which store do we always leave for last?…of course, the grocery store! You have to, or your groceries will spoil/melt, etc. But I have found ways to curb that appetite long enough to get through the shopping without hitting a drive-through.
I’d love to tell you to eat a Snickers but, well, not only is it not healthy it’s not very practical to transport on hot days! Instead, I keep Special K, Nutri-Grain or Kashi bars in my purse/diaper bag/center console of my car for this very reason. I catch these things on sale/deal and stock up! So whenever I’m about to shop and feel that hunger pain, I can quickly eat one. Another choice–apples or bananas. I grab these when I head out for my “big trip” and eat them, as needed. Whatever your tastes are, have something small, but filling, and easily storable on hand, or to grab quickly to take with you to prevent over-buying!
Also, whenever possible, don’t shop with the kids! Not only do they tend to add extra items to your cart, they can be a big distration to following your list and keeping totals. But if you do have to take them, (and we all do!) bring along a distraction. Rich and I call it a “bribery bag.” Just a small little snack to hold them over until we’re done. Or a pen/paper to scribble on while shopping. Or, sigh, shopping with that car cart. (Oh how I hate those! They are impossible to steer!)
In the end, the less distractions you have, be it hunger or impatient kids, the better you can stick to your budget and that equals $avings.
Hope this one helps.

Tune in tomorrow for Tip #7.

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