Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sign Up today and Host a Coupon Class!

Just a Reminder, There will be Class tonight at 6:30 and another class held Thursday March 3rd at 6:30!  I hope to see you there!

What if you could save over 70% on your monthly grocery budget and build a stockpile of food at the same time? Don't be a skeptic! Crazi Coupons will jumpstart your journey to saving $600 per month! If you're interested in the idea but overwhelmed by the logistics, you'll love our step-by-step approach that transforms even the most timid shopper from coupon-shy to coupon-savvy.
  • Find coupons and "stack" them with a sale for huge savings.
  • Build a stockpile of food at rock-bottom prices to last you and your family up to a year
  • Make passers-by gape at your cart full of groceries you purchased for 75% off retail price
  • Get your cashiers to gasp and applaud as you purchase everyday items for pennies on the dollar
  • Gain the confidence to strut down the aisles, flaunt your coupons, and maybe even wear high heels to the grocery store!

Email Me today  crazicoupons@yahoo.com
Pick Up the phone - 302-519-8514
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