Saturday, March 19, 2011

31 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Budget: Tip #19

TIP #19 – Use Recipes With Few Ingredients
When I first got married, I thought being a good wife meant having a “gourmet” dinner on the table every night. Then I came to realize that didn't work. Whew! :)
When I started picking recipes with just a few ingredients, I noticed that not only did my grocery bill start dropping, but so did the hours I’d spend in the kitchen! The meals were easier to fix and I didn’t have all that clean-up work either! And to be honest, the meals were just as good!
What’s even better? When I do make a “gourmet” meal now, it’s even more special! It’s almost like eating in a nice restaurant…at home!
One of my favorite discoveries was a recipe book with not only few ingredients but also…for the crockpot! Double Bonus! It’s called Fix-it And Forget-it 5-ingredient Favorites
When I did a search, I also found these, but I do not own them so I can’t give you any kind of review on them. (Something to research at the library!)
5 Ingredients or Less! Fresh Recipes for Every Season Plus Clever Tips for Celebrating Every Day (Gooseberry Patch)
5-Ingredient Favorites: 700 Favorite Recipes with Five Ingredients or Less (Better Homes & Gardens Cooking)
Do you have any favorite “few ingredient” cookbooks?

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