Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will you be Watching ABC's Extreme Couponing Series? April 6th it Airs

extreme couponing 300x186 Extreme Couponing Series to Begin April 6th   Will You Be Watching?

Extreme Couponing the series will be starting on April 6th.
I, myself, will be watching. Although, I must admit that I will watch it knowing that they have asked the expert couponers to ‘beat their best deal’.
This will make some of them look – well – extreme. But, being television, it’s usually all for ratings.
I like to watch and learn how they organize their coupons, how they plan out their shopping trips and what they actually do while they shop.
I know I can always learn something new. Will I turn into an extremist? Probably not. I am moderate in my couponing and that is what works for our family. Would I like to have some of their stockpiles, well – sure…lol
Will you be tuning in to watch the new series? What is your opinion of people who coupon to the extreme?

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