Friday, March 11, 2011

31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget: Tip #11

You’d be amazed at how many people I hear say they never have a “leftover night” or try to turn them into a different meal. Think of all that wasted food and money!
I’m with you when you say you don’t want to eat the same meal two nights in a row. (unless it’s tacos!) But a lot of times, I skip a night and have it again the day after. And more times than not, I try to turn it into a new meal.
One of the best one-time magazines I found was one that took several meals and showed you how to turn leftovers into a new meal. It actually got me thinking about a new weekly post called, “Rolling Recipes.” I’m planning on starting this up in a few weeks. I’ll share a meal with you and then tell you how you can turn those leftovers into a new meal the next night, or later in the week. I hope some of you have ideas, too! I’ve been looking for one of these online and I haven’t found one yet.
But basically, if you aren’t using what’s leftover and constantly throwing things out ask yourself–does this happen because I didn’t work them into my Weekly Meal Plan or am I not finding creative ways to make them tastier later?
By using what you have left not only saves money, but it can also save you time in having to make another meal later in the week! And saving waste and time = big $avings!

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