Saturday, March 12, 2011

31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget: Tip #12

So you just bought a pint of strawberries and in what seems like hours, they are moldy. Or that bag of carrots is now a disgusting pile of slime. Or the lettuce you cut for a salad a few days back is now brown, wilty and unusable. And that hamburger you got on discount is now 20% freezer burn. And the worst of all, those leftovers you intended on using are now a guessing game of “What was this?” because it got lost in your fridge in a non-see-through container. Any of these is a waste of food, money and can be frustrating. But, by investing in some great storage containers now, can save you $$ later!
Here are a few on the market. If any of you have found others that you’ve liked, please feel free to share and I’ll add them to the list!
~Rubbermaid Produce Savers- Great for fruits & veggies
~Fridge Smart by Tupperware - Same as above. Great for keeping baby carrots from going to slime!
~Lettuce Crisper by The Container Store – I love this! It’s amazing how long it stays fresh!
~Debbie Meyer Green Bagssold at most stores – I have not tried these but heard good things
~ Tupperware Cereal Saver-Keeps your cereal from going stale
~Banana Hanger w/ Fruit Basket sold at various locations – Gives Bananas a little longer life
~Ziploc,Hefty, Glad Freezer/Storage Bags – Keeps non-perishables from going stale and keeps freezer items from getting freezer burn
~FoodSaver, Reynolds Handi Vac or Ziploc etc versions – Great for sealing up foods for the freezer
~Rubbermaid Premier Easy Find Lids- Great clear containers that help you visually see your leftovers and they stack so great!!
These are just a few containers to help stretch the life of your food. By keeping food fresh and tasty for when you need it ends up saving you $$ in the long-run!
Tune in tomorrow for Tip #13!

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