Thursday, March 17, 2011

31 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Budget: Tip #17

So you’ve been good and made up your Weekly Menu Plan. Things are going well and then, a glitch falls into your day and now that great elegant dinner you had planned has to be scrapped because you now have zero time to cook. What do you do? Call Carry-out or pick up fast food? No! Because you’ll have a quick back-up meal on hand.
Ideally, your back-up meal should be a healthy one but sometimes you just have to worry about feeding that hungry family!
On those nights that I don’t feel like cooking or need something quick, I tend to drag out my Sandwich Makermachine. It’s probably one of my favorite little appliances, next to my crockpot. Throw in some bread. Throw in basically whatever I have leftover in the fridge and supper’s ready! I usually make these recipes HERE for Pizza Pockets or Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches. These are usually my back-up meals.
Whatever your taste, just make sure you have something easy and quick to keep from ordering out. Preventing take-out helps you save big $$ on your grocery budget.
Tune in tomorrow for Tip #18.

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